Cell Features and Adoption

April 27, 2010


Article available at Hippo Media.

The proliferation of cell phones and high speed mobile networking doesn't necessarily mean we know how to use all the features on our amazing little mobile devices. The list of features is staggering and can include: GPS, camera, video, a myriad of games, video conferencing and we haven't even mentioned the number of applications and plug ins available.

So, with all that technology hanging on a belt...what features on a cell phone are actually used?
  • 89 percent Phone calls
  • 56 percent Clock/alarm
  • 52 percent Text messaging
  • 52 percent Camera
  • 40 percent Calendar/agenda/organizer
  • 28 percent Email
  • 19 percent Emergencies Only
  • 18 percent Instant messaging/Blackberry messenger
  • 18 percent MP3’s /music/ videos
  • 18 percent Picture/ video messaging
  • 15 percent Web browsing
  • 14 percent GPS or mapping services
  • 14 Downloading (games, ring tones, etc)
  • 13 percent Search
  • 11 percent Facebook mobile
  • 5 percent Contests/promotions
  • 4 percent Subscriptions/alerts
  • 3 percent Twitter mobile
Source: Delvinia’s 2009-2010 study of Canadian mobile behaviours conducted through AskingCanadians.

For advertisers, this means a couple things. First, and foremost, your message has to be plain, simple and understandable. Second, we should expect your existing and potential customers to find information about you with the least number of hoops to jump through. 

So, assuming Canadian proclivities (excluding three-down football and polar bear swims) can find some commonality in other ares, we can assume that most people use their cell phones as...well...cell phones. Certainly the numbers of people sending messages by SMS is increasing and the numbers of individuals surfing the web on a small screen is increasing at similar rates as mobile hi-speed; however, only a scant few actually take advantage of all the "bells and whistles" on their mobile device.

"Bond...James Bond"

March 17, 2010

I'll admit to knowing a few things I shouldn't. I'll also tell you the knowledge was gained at some personal expense. For example, I know you cannot drive a car through a haystack. I know for a fact, though, that you can drive a car half-way through a haystack. I know the chances of breaking a leg from slipping on ice while wearing dress shoes are exponentially higher once your wife tells you to "be careful on the ice with those shoes". I have also, in a bizarre blur, managed to nail a piece of wood to my own leg.

I chalk some of this up to the fact that I am blessed (or cursed) with two different chromosomes. Because I have both "X" and "Y" chromosomes, I believe it creates an inherent conflict that just couldn't exist in the "XX" configuration popular with some of our species. Individuals with two of the same type of chromosome do not seem to have the same proclivity for innovation (…?) found in those that have two unmatched genetic tags. That said, it terrifies me to think of the types of knowledge I might gather if I had two of the obviously deviant "Y" chromosomes...and none of the common sense laden, coupon-clipping, we-need-to-make-a-list "X" chromosomes.

For the record, there is a condition where individuals carry 47 chromosomes and not 46; the extra chromosome is a "Y". The condition is knows as 47 XYY and was initially known as the "criminal karyotype": the name was later dismissed on lack of actual proof but there exists a theory that the extra male chromosome in each cell is responsible for increased aggression and criminal behavior. It is also known that humans can be born with 3 “Y’s” (or 47 YYY Syndrome). I do not know of any predominant symptoms, nor did I bother to look, but I can assume these people have never lost an argument to your garden-variety, run-of-the-mill “XY”.

After extensively researching humans who carry two “X” chromosomes (I married one…and am partly responsible for the arrival of two more), there are some items around us that reflect a strong “XY” influence. I’m not talking about the obvious things like camouflage tuxedos, the beer helmet or a riding mower that does the quarter mile in 14 seconds. I notice the little things. Things that would have started with three (maybe four) “XY” humans around a fire and there would be an application of alcohol to spur the creative process. The creative peak is very easy to spot among “XY’s”. It happens when one of the individuals burps…and says, “Hey…you guys…I-gotta-great-idea!”

At this moment is where we find the creative energy required to come up a bicycle that is also a treadmill. The website (if you need to go farther?) is HERE. The short story includes walking, or running, on a treadmill to move the gears that drive the wheels on the bike. This is clearly a retaliatory stance from an “XY” contingent that have “simply had it up to HERE” with the stationary bike lobby and needed to develop a counter position.

I also offer The Baby Mop and Urinal Goal as fine examples of “XY” thinking. It follows another inherent need for the “XY” to multi-task. For the “XX” reading this, consider watching television with an “XY”…it’s not about watching what’s on TV…it’s about watching what ELSE is on TV. If the darling newborn is spending inordinate amount of time on the floor, let’s see if we can improve on that. And the Urinal Goal? Well, some of us can’t believe it has taken this long to develop a way for “XY’s” to bet on sports in the washroom.

Along the way, I also found ads for an Inflatable Dart Board and a DVD Rewinder. The dart board is perfect for “XY’s” who enjoy a game of darts, aren’t very good and don’t want to play too long. I have no idea how many “XY’s” were required to burp before the spawn of the DVD Rewinder. It’s absolutely useless, will only end up in a junk drawer, “XX’s” will make a “tsk” noise and roll their eyes…and mine should be here in ten days.

To be fair, the combination of a blanket and a housecoat could only come from an individual with two of the same chromosomes. The initial thought of “who is actually going to buy this?”…has been surpassed by…“they sold how many???” In January, AdAge reported, “The quirky little blanket with sleeves has become the raiment of the zeitgeist, with more than 4 million units sold in just over three months and more than 200 parody videos on YouTube.” So, let’s score one for the “XX” bunch.

One final note for the “XX’s” reading along: while the creative peak is easy to spot, the point where the “XY” begins to burn on his creative jag typically happens in private. The process ends in a washroom and only after a substantial amount of “creative fluid” has been applied. The “XY” will, invariably, stand in front of the bathroom mirror…tilt his head to one side…and say, “Bond…James Bond”.

Nothing good happens after this.